ColdCut 1000 Series

Product Description

The ColdCut 1000 series is comprised of cermet tipped saw blades that outperform carbide tipped saws by 5 to 1, achieving a cut that often looks like a machined surface without irregularities and rough edges. The ColdCut A1000 blades are ideal for cutting aluminum/mild steel, while the ColdCut S1000 blades are ideal for cutting steel. These blades cut up to 5 times faster than abrasive blades (based on a 7-1/4" blade) and last up to 23 times longer than the abrasive wheels (based on a 7-1/4" blade).

Standard sizes: 7-1/4x42T, 8x52T, 10x64T, 12x72T, 14x88T, 16x100T
Tips - Low Carbon Cermet, Stainless Steel Cermet all TCG Style
Plate - 0.089" Cougar Standard
Bore - 5/8" for 8" and smaller, 1" for 10" and greater
HRC - Standard 45-47